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Are you 18-25, motivated, and an ambitious student with a groundbreaking startup idea? Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level? If so, START Fellowship is the opportunity you've been waiting for. We are on a mission to empower aspiring entrepreneurs from low- and middle-income countries in both LATAM and Africa,  by offering a unique accelerator program in St. Gallen, Switzerland, that will catapult your startup to a new level.

Discover the Swiss and European Startup Ecosystems:

Switzerland is not only the land of cheese, chocolate, stunning landscapes, and expensive watches, but it is also known for its vibrant startup ecosystem. Positioned in the heart of Europe, Switzerland provides a fertile ground for innovation. With its robust startup infrastructure, Switzerland offers access to premier research institutions, funding avenues, and skilled talent. Moreover, it serves as a melting pot of diverse cultures, fostering an environment ripe for connection, collaboration, and the birth of innovative ideas. Due to its strategic location, Switzerland opens doors to the entire European market, making it an appealing hub for startups with global ambitions.

The Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity: START Fellowship

At START Fellowship, we believe in a world of equal opportunities for entrepreneurs, regardless of their background. Our philanthropic incubator and accelerator program is designed to empower young founders and provide them with the resources they need to turn their ideas into reality. Here's an overview of what you can expect from the program:

  1. Hotspot Trips:

Immerse yourself in the European startup ecosystem through Hotspot Trips. Forge valuable connections and discover the latest trends and opportunities.

  1. Entrepreneurial Insights:

Get inspired by some of the most successful founders in exclusive sessions where they share their success stories and answer all your questions.

  1. Skill-Building Workshops:

Participate in workshops that offer deep dives into key topics to grow your startup, including fundraising, finances, sales and customer acquisition, business models, marketing, and branding.

  1. Access to Investor Expertise: 

Present your startup ideas to prominent venture capitalists (VCs) during Investment Committee Sessions and VC Office Hours. Receive constructive feedback that can propel your business forward.

  1. Mentoring:

Receive valuable guidance and knowledge from seasoned founders, investors, and industry experts. Benefit from their experience and insights to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship effectively.

  1. Demo Day:

The most promising startups will have the chance to pitch in front of investors from our extensive network to secure their first round of funding.

Past Success Stories 

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DANIELA TEPLITZKI Co-Founder and COO Kresko RNAtech


Daniela was part of Batch 3 of the START Fellowship Accelerator. In 2021 she co-founded Kresko RNAtech, a BioTech startup building RNA-based supplements, focusing on smart nutrition and body care. Going in the first year through the Argentinian venture builder Grid Exponential, she was able to secure a first round of USD 500k, to make progress in their validation. After joining START Fellowship, Kresko RNAtech received USD 525k in funding from IndieBio, a top-tier FoodTech accelerator, based in the heart of Silicon Valley.  


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Thomas Saad Co-Founder and CEO CoCo


Thomas is from Colombia and joined us in 2021. He sold his first project at the age of 14. Back in 2020, he founded CoCo, a startup that democratizes wholesale prices for shoppers. During the START Fellowship Accelerator, he was participating in Shark Tank Colombia, and was finally able to fundraise a pre-seed round from Swiss investors. Thereafter, he sold his startup to PowerBuy for 1.3M USD, making his 2nd exit at the age of 22. After several months working as Chief Growth Officer at PowerBuy, he launched a new venture together with two other START Fellows. Now he is building the first ChatGPT 4 integration for Shopify, in Platanus Ventures, called Wizybot.

Join us: 

We are looking for committed young entrepreneurs that have co-founded a startup with a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). If this is you, we encourage you to take action and apply before the 13th of October to embark on a journey of innovation, mentorship, and success. Your startup's future starts here with START Fellowship!

Link to application: https://www.startglobal.org/fellowship-application 

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