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hack  / 2-minute read

START Hack 2024: Where Innovation Meets Entrepreneurship

Are you ready to dive into a world where your innovative ideas can become tangible solutions to real-world problems? START Hack 2024 is calling all aspiring entrepreneurs,...

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hack / 2-minute read

START Hack 2024: Where Innovation Meets Entrepreneurship

Are you ready to dive into a world where your innovative ideas can become tangible solutions to real-world problems? START Hack 2024 is calling all aspiring entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and visionary students to...

Summit / 3-minute read


In today's ever-changing landscape, where innovation is the key to progress, we need to liberate our minds from the constraints of the status quo and tackle urgent global issues. As we battle with transformational...

Fellowship / 11-minute read

Unlock Your Potential: Join START Fellowship in Switzerland

Are you 18-25, motivated, and an ambitious student with a groundbreaking startup idea? Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level? If so, START Fellowship is the opportunity you've been waiting...

Fellowship / 6-minute read

What is START?

“Empowering” “Impactful” “Future-Oriented” “Great Community” “Supportive” “Inspiring” “Life changing” These are all words our team members have used to describe their time here at START! We know you’ve seen us before:...

Fellowship / 2-minute read

Exploring Latin America's Rising Startup Stars: A Glimpse into the START Fellowship Demo Day

The Latin American ecosystem is often overlooked and underestimated, but it presents a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs who are willing to take the leap. Last week, the START Fellowship Program hosted its first...

Fellowship / 1-minute read

Former START Fellow Mateo Bolívar makes Waves at Shark Tank Columbia

It's our pleasure to announce that Mateo Bolívar, a former participant of the START Global Fellowship Program, recently wowed the audience at Sharktank Columbia with his thriving business. His startup, Contler, offers a...

Fellowship / 3-minute read

A talk with former Fellowship participant Laura Ortiz about her startup story of Hem

Approximately one year ago, Laura Ortiz got selected as one of the 35 participants of the START Fellowship Program. Together with her 2 male co-founders, she was able to spend 4 months in Switzerland to grow their...

Summit / 3-minute read

START Summit 2023 - The Future is now

START Summit 2023 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, created an unforgettable experience for the attendees and advanced its mission to support and connect the startup ecosystem. Over 6,000 participants from around the world...

Summit / 2-minute read

START Summit 2023 - Reaching for Resilience

The world has changed, and the startup ecosystem has not been left untouched. Valuations are down, investments are scarce, and lay-offs are happening across the field. But the most resilient startups are built in...

Summit / 2-minute read

Head of Event Management shares his thoughts on the New Location of START Summit 2023

This year, the event management team has planned something bigger and better than ever before, with the summit taking place in Halle 9 at the OLMA Halls in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Bastiaan Feurer, head of event...

Summit / 3-minute read

7 Things you cannot miss at START Summit 2023

START Summit 2023 is just around the corner, and this year’s conference promises to be more exciting than ever. With a line-up of renowned speakers, engaging workshops, and immersive experiences, START Summit is a...

Fellowship / 3-minute read

START Fellowship - Biggest Success Stories in 2022

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? The START Fellowship Program 2022 has produced some impressive success stories, but two stand out from the rest. Both have achieved incredible...

Fellowship / 3-minute read

Unlocking the power of Mentorship: Insides from Tim Schiffers in the Fellowship Program

We are thrilled that Tim Schiffers is a mentor in the Fellowship Program again. He is former CEO of Parship Meet Group and now holds various Chairman and Board Director mandates in the digital space. In 2021, Tim joined...

Summit / 4-minute read

5 ways you can hack START Summit 2023 and make your visit memorable

Whether you’re attending START Summit for the first time or have been a regular attendee, you’ll want to make the most of your experience! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five hacks that will help you get the most...

Summit / 5-minute read

5 Stage Sessions you should rewatch from the Summit 2022

As we are rapidly approaching START Summit 2023 (23.-24. March), we want to show you why you can not miss this event. START Summit 2022 had the most relevant, exclusive and intriguing stage sessions in the history of...

Summit / 3-minute read

St.Gallen - What you need to see

When you’re attending START Summit 2023 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, you might be wondering what else there is to do in the city besides attending the conference. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities to enjoy...

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